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Food » Wheat Flour
In our factory that has flour production capacity of 600 ton/day, create basic standards of quality and brand power through advanced production technology. ACARSAN UN targeting the development, closely following all development of food sector with quality control and AR-GE department through HALAL certificate ISO-9001, and ISO-22000 quality management system.
ACARSAN UN that will consistently continue its growth prepares bread, pide and lavas, baklava, tandır and other special purpose flour from high quality wheat and in according to the notification of wheat flour and production of 50 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg and 1 kg is realized in domestic and foreign markets. ACARSAN is adopted the quality and customer satisfaction as a principle in domestic and overseas markets and become the preferred brand, continue to develop its activities. Acarsan that adopts continuous development and improvement as a principle provide required training relevant section of employees, food security in certain periods, occupational safety to ensure that they are aware of these issues.
ACARSAN UN fulfills all analysis in the quality control laboratory related to wheat and flour in according with the TSE standard and regulations. AR-GE unit has been working to meet the needs of consumers at the highest level for the year 2016, to improve its product range and meet market needs.

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