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Food » Semolina
Acarsan semolina; 700 tons/day, capacity of wheat crushing, meets the required raw materials for the daily pasta production and is also exporting semolina to the abroad. At the same time, medium-sized semolina according to TSE standards; Banetti brand with 500 g, 1 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg of long-lasting vacuum packaging in appropriate storage conditions takes its place in Turkey and the world market. Semolina, completely derived from 100% durum wheat in a computer-controlled integrated production facilities, studies are conducted by teams of experts in quality control laboratories to upgrade quality standards.
As a solution to problems encountered in various packaging Semolina packages, vacuum packaging was preferred. By taking the air during the vacuum packaging production within the package then it closed again not to take the air. In this way, it is protected against microbial effects may come from outside.
Banetti semolina produced from high quality durum wheat of Turkey retains long-time the freshness at the shelves.To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in our products, we continue to work with our constant technological innovation.

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