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Our health investments on which high technology and administration applied is managed by our professional team. Our selector team who are consisting of experts on this field follow technological developments with utmost care for medical equipments and device selection. One of the responsibility of Acarsan is to enhance its services with international standards by taking updated health policies into consideration.

Some of our Health investments for Ministry of Health of Iraq; Oncology hospitals in Hilla, Ramadi and Basra provinces, Ongoing construction of 400-Bed General Teaching and Research Hospitals in Basra, Hilla, Karbala, Nasiriyah and Maysan provinces. 400-Bed General Teaching and Research Hospitals in Kut province. 100-Bed General Teaching and Research Hospitals in Dujail and Tuz provinces. Including Hospital Management System all projects, construction, Medical equipment, Building Management System of 8 hospitals in Hilla, Karbala, Basrah, Nasiriyah, Maysan, Kut, Tuz, Dujail, Basra and Ramadi will be hand over as a Key-Turn.
Quality Policy
Universal Acarsan quality policy is to exceed customer expectations with international standards.Our faith of being better raise our quality standards every day.Our company is aware of the requirements of the production as a control mechanism to achieve the desired results attaches importance to the development of quality management system certification. So it is rapidly developing itself in this regard.

Our vision of quality:
Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers with the most appropriate solutions and
Ensure efficiency.
Increasing satisfaction of Employees and Customers.
Developing lasting relationships.
Safety and Environment Policy
Universal Acarsan, display a fairly rigorous approach to safety, Environment, and health issues.In order to avoid any possible pollution, danger and accidents, all necessary precaution taken at the beginning of the process by our team of experts. In the construction process, environmental, safety and health policy are determined, and be implemented and monitored.

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