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Greeneco is the biggest investor of last 3 years at Denizli

We are awarded by the highest new investment of last 3 years at Denizli
“2016 Actors of Denizli’s economy Award Ceremony “ which held jointly by Denizli Chamber of Industry ,Chamber of Commerce ,Commercial Exchange and  Exporters' Association is took place in Anemon Hotel on Saturday at 12 March 2016. 

Family and Social Policy Minister Dr. Sema RAMAZANOĞLU, Denizli Governer Şükrü KOCATEPE , AK Party Denizli Deputy Şahin Tin ,CHP Denzili Deputy Kazım ARSLAN , Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , Denizli Chamber of Commerce President Necdet Ozer , Denizli Chamber of Industry Chairman Müjdat KEÇECİ, Denizli Commodity Exchange President İbrahim Tefenlili , Denizli Exporters Association Vice President Ibrahim UZUNOĞLU and many businessman attended to ceremony.

Our company Greeneco Energy Electricity Generation Inc. 's officials, Kamil ÖZDAĞ and  Akif ACAR attended to ceremony and took the award which given due to being the first in the ranking of highest investment amount  along completly new investment projects for last 3 years at Denizli.

Awarding our company because of this investment which contributing to our country and Denizli city by production, by providing employment, paying taxes to our state has honored us.

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