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Geothermal Power Plant Greeneco Jes is Online

Greeneco Energy Electricity Generation Inc. which established to product jeotermic energy  at 2012 by Saray Holding and Acarsan Holding started to work. Ninety percent of  110 million dollars Project Investment aiming to meet Turkey's growing energy demand is completed. 

Company which is Nature sensitive and capable of producing electricity with domestic and renewable assets, began production in March 2016 by completing a nominal trial production in February. Kamil Ozdag and Selim Acar ,the authorized names of Greeneco Energy Electricity Generation Inc stated that they are aiming to put 1.2 billion kilowatt combined production of JES and other renewable energy kinds (HES,RES,GES)per year  into use.Ozdag and Acar indicated that for  the time being the plant assembly has been completed and after trail production ,production has been started and stated “We are aiming to put 25,6 megawatt electric power with second unit of plant into use. Engineering and procurement processes are completed, the project will begin production in March and approval of plant will be taken. The assembly operations of second unit was continued at full speed.”
Ozdag and Acar also said that they were the first geothermal power plant who uses local turbines.Ozdag and Acar expressed the investment of Greeneco Energy is located on the land of 2250 hectars at Denizli-Saraykoy-Tekke region and continued “We are planning a total installed capacity of 60 MW in our field. Initially,installation of  the two units of our first power plant of 25.6 MW. have started. 200 million kWh electricity per year will be produced on our plant. Engineering works for the second unit continues. We are planning to continue our second unit at 2019 with reaching a investment value of 240 million dolars along to reach 60 Mwe settled power and 540 million kwh production per year.”  Officials emphasise their goal is to produce green energy like company name with domestic and international assests and added “As of October 2016 we will produce 200 million Kwh per year. " They make a statment that as of the end of 2019 we will put 1,2 billion kilowatt per hour combined production portfolie into use.

“Natural Gas Importation will Decrease”


Özdağ and Acar, pointed out that they decided to progress in the field of geothermal and other renewable energy.Managment attrack notice to prevent importation of 155 billion natural gas by completion of Denizli-Sarayköy-Tekke Jeothermal Project and said “It is aimed at giving a positive contribution to our current account deficit narrowed by deducting 56 million of our natural gas importation.This Project as Greeneco Energy is one of the important projects which will reduce the usage of fossil fuel and contribute the settling the deficit.”Main consultants of Greeneco Geothermal Power Plant Project are Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, Geologica Inc. California USA and General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration. Geothermal Power Plant Greeneco Jes  is Online

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