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Our health investments on which high technology and administration applied is managed by our professional team. Our selector team who are consisting of experts on this field follow with utmost care for medical equipments and device selection, daily technological changes and extremely implement a rigorous screening process. All design, construction, medical equipment, and building management system, including hospital management systems are delivered as turnkey. One of the responsibility of Acarsan is to enhance its services with international standards by taking updated health policies into consideration.
Our company is performing the construction activities of various, large- scaled turn- key projects in Turkey and abroad, especially in Middle East. Our construction projects are in comply with international standards and they are being completed without any delay in project process without compromising high quality standards. We keep moving within the harmony of same understanding during the stage of our new projects.
In partnership with Acarsan Holding and Şireci Inc, Iconova’s modern architecture in residential and commercial areas combined with a unique location at the heart of city, offers its residents the ultimate in comfort with all the convenience of city living. A green oasis of peace and calm, the project occupies 52,000 square feet of prime land. It also includes 255,000 square feet of closed construction area with social areas, children’s playgrounds, recreational and sports areas where shared amenities can be enjoyed. ICONOVA does not only consist of aesthetic appeal with its iconic architectural design and new concept of housing but also constitute a view similar to the continuity of life.

Iconova also offers a wealth of specially designed social areas.These include indoors and outdoors sports fields; playgrounds; a boutique cinema; Turkish hamams; a yoga centre; male/female/ mixed fitness centres and three semi-Olympic swimming pools; fin hamams; massage centres, indoor children’s entertainment halls; male/female spas; a mini golf course; landscaped areas; bike trails and walking paths. Provision for residents’ and guests’vehicles is made via indoor car parking as well as outdoor garages. Overall, Iconova offers a unique quality of life and is destined to become an icon for future residential and commercial developments within the exciting and vibrant city of Gaziantep.


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