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Geothermal energy comes from the depth of ground and is a renewable and clean source of energy. Hydrothermal resources in the form of hot water or steam output is seen on earth. Geothermal energy is a result of internal energy within the earth. Geothermal energy near the surface of the earth is controlled by hydraulic convection in the permeable sources and porous media. As a result, the geothermal energy becomes concentrated hot water and steam at depths close to the surface and creates hydrothermal systems in the accessed depths. Geothermal energy is also one of inexhaustible source of energy. compared to fossil and nuclear based energy production vanishingly lesser extent causes environmental problems. Geothermal fluid is used for therapeutic purposes. Geothermal energy is generally not affected by short-term meteorological events.

Greeneco Energy Electric Production Inc. founded in partnership with Acarsan Holding and Saray Holding in 2012 and with this title and Company has bid in the tenders launched by MTA (Mineral Research and Exportation Institute) and won 6 of these tenders. These Geothermal areas are as follows:
Acarsan Holding founded the Greeneco Energy Electric Production Inc. in 2012 and with this title, Company has bid in the tenders launched by MTA (Mineral Research and Exportation Institute) and won 6 of these tenders.
These Geothermal areas are as follows:
Denizli – Sarayköy – Tekke

It is one in the three or maybe the last one among the most convenient areas for electric energy production. Our area is 2250 hectar; while there is a plant in 15 Mw + 60 Mw belonging to Zorlu Energy on the west, there is a well which was digged by MTA (Mineral Research and Exploration Institute) with deepness of 880 metres and flowrate of 130 lt/ sn in 160 C. We have commenced on our activities for investments in one of the most important location in Turkey for energy production and we are planning to start electric energy production in 2014. Besides this, we foresee the investments for greenhouse cultivation, fruit vegetable drying and building heating. We are conducting the required studies accordingly. Denizli has government promotion within the frame of geothermal field investments.


We received the heat over 90 C as a result of the first drillings in Bolu- Seben- Kesenozu geothermal field consisting of 4200 hectar; also electrical production, building heating and greenhouse warming with the organic rankine cycle technology after commission of a power plant in 5 Mw. We plan to take the attention of entrepreneurs for new tourism sectors with the location of the district being in the middle of Istanbul and Ankara; this district has an untouched nature which is suitable to nature tourism.


We will start by building a luxurious hotel for sante and modern baleonolojy tourism in our 5500 hectar area which has a unique beauty extending from Köyceğiz Bay in one side to Köyceğiz Lake in the other side in the middle of Dalyan. Apart from this, the activities are planned to start with profit sharing especially in floriculture with the water over 50 C.


We plan to conduct greenhouse cultivation based on profit sharing in an area of unique beauty in terms of the harmony of history and nature in the 4800 hectar area on the way of Saklıkent.


We will realise the Project which will vitalise the thermal and nature tourism in this district in the area of 3500 hectar in Silifke,one of the most touristic county of Mersin.


We plan to conduct greenhouse cultication based in an area of where history and nature harmonised in terms of the harmony of history and nature in the 4500 hectar area close to Mountain Uzecik in Karapınar County.

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