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Today, our country in the production areas continues its intensive privatization and restructuring activities in the energy sector. Besides economic growth, it has become one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world.The privatization of energy production extremely enables to the growth of country's energy sector.

Electrical energy consumption is one of the most important indicators of economic and social development. The areas of basic input of energy of all kinds of economic activity as a result of continuous increase of constant evolving technologies, the demand for electricity is increasing. Consequently, it causes increase of standard of living and causes growth of demand for electricity in Turkey.

Our company has taken its place as an investors and operators in the energy sectors which is critical for our country such as HPP, geothermal, solar and wind that do not harm human health, clean, environmentalist, and renewable forms of energy.

In this direction, our company; as Greeneco Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) began geothermal energy production and under the name of Çatak-Deliktas Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Beşik Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Tüğsüs Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Gökay1 Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant and Gökay2 Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant continues energy production and business investment.

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