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• Vehicle buying and selling process of DOD starts at determining customers' needs and wishes; and is a seamless process that continue with our after-sales services.

• 101 Points Expertise; is a detected process of the all the details of vehicle bodywork parts paint to engine components to be examined by an expert team of DOD, necessary tests and checks and the process of details of the current status of all components of the body-paint that affect the car's value.

• All sold vechile of DOD, are presented to the new owner with the service of “DOD vechile view Renewal ‘’ using special cleaning and maintenance products performed by a professional team.

• DOD Warranty can be offered only if the vehicle pass check control of 101 Points in detail and up to 8 years within / 160,000 kilometers. Applies for 6 months or 1 year / unlimited mileage, and the first second hand guarantee system in Turkey.

• All brands and models of DOD vehicles Up to 10 year, Volkswagen Dogus Finance (VdF)’s attractive payment option credit facilities up to 60 months are offered. All credit transactions are carried out safely by the customer vdf credit specialists; DOD clients away from the procedure live the privilege of owning the vehicle fast and effortless way.

• All customers who purchased their vehicles from DOD Authorized Dealers are given (DOD vehicle certificate) certifying DOD security issued with a license in vechile sales which contains all details regarding vechile.

PrimeDOD the world of exclusive services

Prime brands of Prime vehiles which is Prime DOD, with customer-oriented approach, fast and flexible alternative solutions, advanced infrastructure, personalized custom service and extensive reseller network serves high quality and standard.Prime DOD basically, based on quality and assurance system of DOD brand,in addition to the many exclusive services also offer superior service to their DOD customers.

Personalized Custom Services

Personalized custom services are offered to PrimeDOD customers. The vehicles offered for sale introduced by specially trained experts in the differentiated exhibition area. PrimeDOD containing a variety of customized products are delivered with the vehicle car's delivery package.

Prime Guarantee System

All Prime DOOD vehicles, Prime warranty that applies for 1 year / unlimited mileage has the most comprehensive warranty system used in Turkey. If you wish (Prime Plus Warranty) with the scope of these services can be expanded further.

Taken from home, Home delivered

Depending on your preference, the vehicle you want to sell can be taken from your address and the vehicle you buy can be delivered to your address.

Prime Monitoring Services

All bureaucratic procedures for buying and selling vehicles carried out by expert staff in a quick and effortless way for you.

Service Finding the Prime Car

PrimeDOD offers unlimited choice of brands and models to its customers in the Prime segment. However, the vehicle you are looking is not available in PrimeDOD stocks that moment; desired brand, the model and features of the vehicle, searched for you by our resellers throughout Turkey and will be found and delivered to you.

Transportation Facility

If you wish, when you leave your vehicle for sale to the PrimeDOD point, you will be dropped desired location by our service.

Prime Aesthetics Care Service

All vehicles sold in PrimeDOD, subjected to a detailed view of the renewal process carried out by professional teams; after passing the antibacterial cleaning get first day of protection cover. Mats renewed, the vehicle's interior air is refreshed with the help of special devices. By this way vehicles are presented in a manner close to cleaning the first day of appearance.

Special Accessories Options

A wide range of an accessory options such as a window film, DVD, Bluetooth, TV, and navigation, you have requested specifically for the car you bought are offered to your liking. According to your preference the applications is performed to your car by expert teams.

Test Drive Facility

To help you make the right choice about the car of your dreams within our large stock of primary vehicles, the test drive facilities are available together with our staff that will introduce you the car.

Safety Release Service

If you want to sell your primary vehicle, depending on your preference, we get your car from your address and the deposit system on your behalf, we are offering for sale on our PrimeDOD Authorized Dealers and on our website. Your car is covered by private insurance guarantee until sold out. Tirelessly and without risk you will enjoy being able to easily sell your car.
Who knows an Audi better than Audi?

Audi prime: discover advantages and confidence that you can get from Audi vehicles used by Plus program.

Audi prime: plus 2nd hand program
• 101 Points Expertise
• Audi premium: plus Guarantee System
• Taken from home, Home Delivery
•:Plus Monitoring Services
•: Plus Aesthetic Care Service
• Audi Original Accessories Options
• Test Drive Facility
• Safety Release Service

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